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Antifreeze for systems of heating-30 TM Premium

Antifreeze for systems of heating-30 TM Premium
  • Antifreeze for systems of heating-30 TM Premium
  • Antifreeze for systems of heating-30 TM Premium
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The heat carriers TM Premium are an optimum ratio of the price and quality. Making use of experience and new developments, we offer an elite product - the safe heat carrier on the basis of glycerin (glyceric antifreeze). Prices for products of TM Premium are much lower, than at other European producers. You should not overpay for a brand, you pay only for a product. Heat carrier TM Premium
Basis: glycerin
The ready-made product is delivered in plastic canisters on 10/20/40/50 liters, and also in eurocubes of 1000 liters for corporate clients. Price: 23 UAH/l.

Density, at a temperature (20±1) ºС,/C¼3 1,118-1,126
Indicator of activity of hydrogen ions (PH), PH Unit 7,0-9,0
Free alkalinity, Cm3, not less 10.1
Temperature of the beginning of crystallization, ºС, not above - 30ºС
Boiling temperature, ºС, not less +120ºС
Foaming in 5 minutes, the volume of foam, Cm3, no more 30 Cm3
Stability of foam in a second, no more 3
Corrosion action on metals, G/M is ²*nut., no more 0.1

The heat carrier on the basis of glycerin ensures safe and highly effective functioning of system of heating. The main substance of the heat carrier is glycerin which is widely applied in the food industry, medicine that confirms its safety for health of the person. Glycerin, in difference from water, freezes at much smaller temperature. It begins to crystallize in case temperature falls lower than -30 °s.esla to compare heat carriers on the basis of glycerin to heat carriers on antifreeze which consists of ethylene glycol then antifreeze can harmful affect health and safety of the person. Vapors of ethylene glycol are very poisonous and explosive. Glycerin is a colourless substance which does not ignite, is substance, environmentally friendly and completely harmless to a human body. Advantages of the heat carrier on glycerin

  • The system of heating which heat carriers are filled with glycerin will work at a temperature from-30 to +110 degrees Celsius
  • Anticorrosive substances which are a part of the heat carrier will keep heating system from breakage of internal metal details
  • The special composition of substance does not damage a sealant and laying 
  • The heat carrier can be used both on systems with metal, and with plastic and rubber tubes
  • The long term of operation - 8 heating seasons
  • Absolute fire safety
  • System there is no need to wash out if earlier water or antifreeze were not used
  • Careful attitude to circulation pulsers
  • Full ecological safety 

Our company is engaged in production and sale of goods on the Internet. Trade and production activity began in 1997. We produce antifreezes and antifreezes for cars, heat carriers for systems of heating, means for care of the car. All our production is made on own technologies according to given us by T.U. on production. These products are turned out by us under own TM Premium.B our shop for you the most qualitative production in a format, convenient for you, is presented. We carry out express home delivery across Kiev and on all regions of Ukraine. On all additional questions address the qualified number (067)408-21-09 manager in any time, convenient for you, from 9:00 till 21:00. With pleasure we will help you with the choice of production, necessary for you.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Volume: 1 L
Information is up-to-date: 10.07.2019
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