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Kg G11 (-40) 215 antifreeze (green) TM Premium

Kg G11 (-40) 215 antifreeze (green) TM Premium
  • Kg G11 (-40) 215 antifreeze (green) TM Premium
  • Kg G11 (-40) 215 antifreeze (green) TM Premium
  • Kg G11 (-40) 215 antifreeze (green) TM Premium
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6800 UAH
  • 6540 UAH/kg.  - from 3 kg.
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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TM Premium antifreezes are an optimum ratio of the price and quality.

Making use of experience and new developments, we offer an elite product - TM Premium antifreeze.

Prices for products of TM Premium are much lower, than at other European producers. You should not overpay for a brand, you pay only for a product.

TM Premium antifreeze

The ready-made product is delivered in plastic canisters on 5/10/20/40/50 liters, and also in eurocubes of 1000 liters for corporate clients.

Price: 6800 UAH/piece.


Density, at a temperature (20±1) ºС,/C¼3 1,065-1,085
Indicator of activity of hydrogen ions (PH), PH Unit 7,5-11
Free alkalinity, Cm3, not less 5
Temperature of the beginning of crystallization, ºС, not less - 40ºС
Boiling temperature, ºС, not less +120ºС
Foaming in 5 minutes, the volume of foam, Cm3, no more to 30 Cm3
Stability of foam in a second, no more 3
Corrosion action on metals, G/M is ²*nut., no more 0.1

Antifreezes - the cooling liquids (CL) which are not freezing at a low temperature. Abroad the term "Antifreeze" (antifreeze) was used for designation of a concentrate which was added to water in the cooling system of the internal combustion engine. However this term took only a morozozashchitny role of this product into account, assuming that its use is seasonal requirement and does not reflect its function as the warm and exchange environment developed to protect the engine cooling system from corrosion and damage under all operational conditions. Amount of heat, the transferred engine cooling system, considerably. It is known that the third part of thermal energy from combustion of fuel has to be disseminated by cooling liquid while energy, suitable for use, on a bent shaft of the engine makes only one quarter of this thermal energy in the petrol engine or one third in diesel.

The oldest cooling liquid which sometimes is used and today, is water. In natural water salts and minerals are dissolved. Salts (mainly calcium and magnesium) in total with chlorides and sulfates (to a lesser extent) cause hardness of water. Carbonate hardness of water lead to formation of a deposit in the form of unsteady deposits (suspension) or scum on the metal surfaces of the cooling system.
Density, temperature of freezing and boiling of OZh are interconnected with concentration of ethylene glycol in it. These dependences at different liquids can significantly will cause a stir from each other. It is also necessary to consider that quality of the used water significantly influences efficiency of the additives which are a part of cooling liquid. At operation cooling liquid grows old - concentration of inhibitors in it gradually decreases, the heat transfer decreases, tendency to foaming increases, and the unprotected metals intensively rust. The liquid resource directly depends on its quality and a run of the car. Aging happens especially intensively if the fulfilled gases or air get to the cooling system. On it the thicket needs to check places of possible leak of liquid, and also a state and fastening of shlanog. The term of replacement of antifreeze is ordered by automobile works or manufacturer OZh. But sometimes liquid grows old earlier. Advantages of antifreeze

  • When using antifreeze the maximum efficiency and efficiency of cooling of the motor is provided. Old cooling liquids cover system with a protective layer completely. New brands of antifreeze work pointwise - they cover with a film only those places on which the rust began to appear.
  • Antifreezes provide 100% protection against high temperatures. It is possible, thanks to a set of qualitative additives. We guarantee safety of all elements of the engine even in case of temperature increase above 100-105 degrees Celsius.
  • The water pump of the car is capable to serve much longer, protective properties of antifreezes have an "address" focus. It, in turn reduces cavitation action. 
  • After filling of qualitative antifreeze it is possible to forget about need of its replacement for a long time. The qualitative structure even through 40-50 thousand kilometers passed by the car does not lose protective (including anticorrosive properties.
  • Even after long operation the radiator remains pure. Various blockages and deposits are excluded, modern cooling liquids have no small insoluble elements capable 
  • Application of the OZh modern brands is a guarantee of high high-temperature stability. It is no secret that in operating time in the engine pressure more than three atmospheres can be forced, and temperature to reach 135 degrees. In antifreezes of an old sample inhibitors to break up already at a temperature about 105 degrees. As for modern structures, they are capable to perform ideally the functions in the most severe conditions.
  • Use of qualitative antifreeze is a care of the environment, modern structures are most eco-friendly.

Our company is engaged in production and sale of goods on the Internet. Trade and production activity began in 1997. We produce antifreezes and antifreezes for cars, heat carriers for systems of heating, means for care of the car. All our production is made on own technologies according to given us by T.U. on production. These products are turned out by us under own TM Premium.B our shop for you the most qualitative production in a format, convenient for you, is presented. We carry out express home delivery across Kiev and on all regions of Ukraine. On all additional questions address the qualified number (067)408-21-09 manager in any time, convenient for you, from 9:00 till 21:00. With pleasure we will help you with the choice of production, necessary for you.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Weight: кг kg
Information is up-to-date: 10.07.2019
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