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The glycerin distilled

The glycerin distilled
  • The glycerin distilled
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Brand:Stolbud Wloszczowa
Country of manufacture:Poland
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The glycerin distilled

The ready-made product is delivered in plastic canisters on 1/5/10/20/40/50 liters, in barrels, and also in eurocubes of 1000 liters for corporate clients.

The price for 1 kg - 70 UAH.

The price for 1 kg upon purchase from 250 kg - 25 UAH.

Glycerin - colourless, viscous, very hygroscopic liquid, mixes up with water in any proportions.

Sweet on taste what received the name from (other Greek glikos - sweet).

In connection with propylene glycol becomes less fluid at fall of temperature to close to zero to degrees Celsius.

Chemical properties of glycerin are typical for polyatomic alcohols. Interaction of glycerin from galogenovodoroda or halogenides of phosphorus leads to education mono - and digalogengidrin.

Glycerin eterifitsirutsya by carbonic and mineral acids with formation of the corresponding esters. So, with nitric acid glycerin forms trinitrate - the nitroglycerine (is received in 1847 Mr. of Askanyo Sobrero) which is used now in production of smokeless gunpowder.

Technical glycerin is used for filling of vibration-proof DM8008VU, filling manometers of face consolidations of mixers, etc. Also glycerin is used at dynamite production.

Glycerin is a part of the flavored nicotinic and nicotine free liquids for electronic cigarettes.


Our company is engaged in production and sale of goods on the Internet. Trade and production activity began in 1997. We produce antifreezes and antifreezes for cars, heat carriers for systems of heating, means for care of the car. All our production is made on own technologies according to given us by T.U. on production. These products are turned out by us under own TM Premium.B our shop for you the most qualitative production in a format, convenient for you, is presented. We carry out express home delivery across Kiev and on all regions of Ukraine. On all additional questions address the qualified number (067)408-21-09 manager in any time, convenient for you, from 9:00 till 21:00. With pleasure we will help you with the choice of production, necessary for you.


Brand:Stolbud Wloszczowa
Country of manufacture:Poland
Information is up-to-date: 10.07.2019
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