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The heat carrier-30 on the basis of TM Premium propylene glycol

The heat carrier-30 on the basis of TM Premium propylene glycol
  • The heat carrier-30 on the basis of TM Premium propylene glycol
  • The heat carrier-30 on the basis of TM Premium propylene glycol
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The heat carriers TM Premium are an optimum ratio of the price and quality. Making use of experience and new developments, we offer an elite product - the safe heat carrier on the basis of propylene glycol (propilenglikolevy antifreeze). Prices for products of TM Premium are much lower, than at other European producers. You should not overpay for a brand, you pay only for a product. Heat carrier TM Premium
Basis: propylene glycol
The ready-made product is delivered in plastic canisters on 10/20/40/50 liters, and also in eurocubes of 1000 liters for corporate clients. Price: 28 UAH/l.


Density, at a temperature (20±1) ºС,/C¼3 1,12-1,125
Indicator of activity of hydrogen ions (PH), PH Unit 7,0-9,0
Free alkalinity, Cm3, not less 5
Temperature of the beginning of crystallization, ºС, not above - 30ºС
Boiling temperature, ºС, not less +120ºС
Foaming in 5 minutes, the volume of foam, Cm3, no more 25 Cm3
Stability of foam in a second, no more 3
Corrosion action on metals, G/M is ²*nut., no more 0.1

Safe household antifreeze - the heat carrier Premium is produced on the basis of import pharmacological propylene glycol. It is intended for various systems of heating and conditioning as the working liquid ensuring functioning in the range from -30 °C to 106 °C (according to instructions on service regulations of the equipment), and first of all, for double-circuit coppers and in objects with increased requirements on ecological safety. Specially picked up package of additives of the heat carrier reliably protects from a scum, foaming and corrosion. As the exception, is undesirable its application in systems with galvanized pipes since rainfall is possible. The heat carrier does not make aggressive impact on plastic and metalplastic, rubber, a paronite and flax, i.e. the possibility of leakages is excluded. However it is necessary to know that it possesses a little bigger fluidity, than water therefore it is necessary to carry out more carefully assembly of all docking knots and it is obligatory to carry out preliminary pressure testing of system. The heat carrier Premium cannot be used for electrolysis coppers (like Galan). Advantages of the heat carrier on propylene glycol

  • Is not afraid of frosts: even at-30 heat carrier in it will not freeze, and pipes will remain whole
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • The scum is not formed
  • For installation of system of heating on propylene glycol it is possible to use less qualitative, and, so cheap, steel pipes
  • For heating of water in system of heating it is possible to use accumulative boilers (for systems of heating with ethylene glycol of it it is impossible to do).

Our company is engaged in production and sale of goods on the Internet. Trade and production activity began in 1997. We produce antifreezes and antifreezes for cars, heat carriers for systems of heating, means for care of the car. All our production is made on own technologies according to given us by T.U. on production. These products are turned out by us under own TM Premium.B our shop for you the most qualitative production in a format, convenient for you, is presented. We carry out express home delivery across Kiev and on all regions of Ukraine. On all additional questions address the qualified number (067)408-21-09 manager in any time, convenient for you, from 9:00 till 21:00. With pleasure we will help you with the choice of production, necessary for you.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Volume: 1 L
Information is up-to-date: 06.05.2019
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